Baba Ram Rahim का Car Collection भी देख लीजिए, Modified Cars का जमघट है

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Self-styled guru Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh is famous for his ‘Rockstar’ avatar. From singing to the tune of electric guitar to wearing colourful clothes, there are several things that separate him from other saints.We all know that he is an actor, director, singer, and choreographer but today we are going to tell you about his lesser known passion. Designing cars! Apart from owning a Ranger Rover, several Ford Endeavour and other luxury cars, the Rockstar Baba owns a fleet of cars designed by him. With all these qualities, one this is sure that you may love him or hate him, but you can’t ignore him.


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SHARMA TENT HOUSE MOGA 9814890324 9914831554 says:

Yes Ma de fuddi baba chor

Ajay Garcha says:

is di behan nu kuty chodan

Ajay Garcha says:

Iqbal teja gasti da munda

Ajay Garcha says:

jdoo marji jithy kho aa javanga Tuhadi maa chodan

Ajay Garcha says:

Tuhady sariaa di maa ni chood diya gy assi

Ajay Garcha says:

Gand ch damn aa taa samny aaoo

Ajay Garcha says:

maa dy lody

Ajay Garcha says:

maa cudva lo laleo

Ajay Garcha says:

Tuhady sariaa di maa di lann jo Ram raheem je dy baary galat boll reha hy

Dippu Lubana says:

Teri bhen di fudii sala fukra

Ravi Kumar says:

tari ma di lan sleya gasti daiii jvak

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