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Hello everyone and welcome to PJSR. Here is the best and cheap way to get your modified car insured!!!
I hope you enjoy this video.

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Ratty 72 bug productions says:

I'm already looking at £600 on my car with mods declared so if sky insurance can help I'll be pretty damn happy and be driving a lot more and enjoying summer.

The boy likes his cars says:

Insurance varies for everyone, like he said he has 5years ncb and is most likely over 25. If a 21 year old like myself was to call up these guys, they would most likely give me an insane quote for my 1.8 turbo or say they cannot insure me.

Sim Bryan says:

Yeah but for new drivers 17+ Adrian flux is the cheapest for modded cars at this age

blahblop123 says:

Getting insured on a modified car is not hard, it's the premium they charge on top that's a pisstake. But less than a grand is excellent.

AceCZF696 says:

and which company would give the best price for young drivers with no mods on their car?

Sean Carter says:

Nice one mate ill be checking them out when i come up to renewal

Hafijur Rahman says:

pjsr do a vid on Amy's Lcr. she has the same colour Lcr as mine. very interested to see her mods

Billy the puppet says:

you pay less than a grand a year? did I hear that right. if so damn.

burkan torun says:

I got a Seat leon cupra 1P and we both like this channel :))

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