Craziest Modified Cars

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CRAZIEST MODIFIED CARS – Ricers, Slammed, Camber, JDM, Supercars, Huge Bodykits with wide arches, cars spitting flames and cars with huge wings! These crazy modded cars was filmed at Trax at silverstone!


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cRoS Frost says:

Wide body the gtr.

Jeffrey Scholman says:

you should get a pandem kit on lucile

Willy Friesen says:

ich habe das besondere talent menschen nicht zuhören wenn sie scheiße labbern aber dich liebe ich gasking…….. I LOVE YOUUUU !!!!!

BubbaDERP21 aka_Rayson says:

I can tell Gaskings is trying to hold back saying "HOLY SHIT RIIIICEEEEEER" and be respectful to the owner's decisions

Aaron Berthelot says:

Punisher and his midget boyfriend are off for some bum sex in their GTR!

Cool beat slider says:

Nice cool to see modified cars

Gucci BT says:

When u find out its automatic

Naser Qubaisi says:

Toyota Supra best car

Bittnerplays _ says:

8:27 song name please ?

Xander says:

Gaskings can you follow me on Instagram my name is @xander Grylls

fahmi bin masoud says:

4:58 look at that spoiler :)i think the right side is upside down

BelkingFX says:

Wich Nissan is it at 4:30?

lone wolf says:

6:40 what is that camera handle thingy called? i want one

Shadow Limited says:

Did any one else LOVE that Honda S2000

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