Gridlife 2017 Time-Attack Challenge: Turbo K24 Civic Si vs Enjuku LS3 350Z – Modified Ep. 1

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Welcome to Modified powered by Honda, an all-new series focusing on the love of tuning cars. On this episode, Matt Powers and Geoff Stoneback descend upon GingerMan Raceway in South Haven, Michigan to give you a firsthand look at Gridlife 2017. Nothing has taken over the scene in the past few years like Gridlife. It popped up seemingly out of nowhere, and now it’s one of the biggest events in the industry. Part festival, part time-attack racing, part drift competition, it’s the site of some of the most fun that can be had at a racetrack. But the event wouldn’t be complete without adding in a challenge of our own. Borrowing a 771-hp turbocharged K24 Civic Si from driver Will Au-Yeung and an LS3-swapped Enjuku Racing 350Z from driver Savannah Little, Powers and Stoneback face off in a time-attack challenge to see who is the fastest around GingerMan Raceway.

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dflet03 says:

Mt should focus more programs like this.. ignition and head to head are going down big time

Javierm0n0 says:

props on the editing for the time attacks. Loved the split audio and the track position monitor.

Aidan Fay says:

This show has a lot of potential, but it certainly feels far from legit or natural. Feels very scripted and awkward

TongTran MTG Gaming says:

even that civic si looks sporty asf

aiGeis says:

Video starts @ 9:05

Ryan Conde says:

The fact it has taken this long for something like this to happen is mind boggling. Congrats on the new show though! Super excited to see how everything pans out. Might even actually pay for MT now too!
(disclaimer: I'm 44 seconds in, so this might suck and I might eat my words but I have faith)

David Watson says:

YUCK, I hate Matt Power's exterior angle. Besides that….great content

MachomanRandy Sanchez says:

Awwwwww yea!

AbominableJoshie says:

Man… Love the subject matter but the host talent is non existent. They could be great drivers, but they are all still boring and awkward as hosts. Shame. I hope they get their act together or get replaced before the series vanishes.

Map Charm says:

Shit show way to be sponsored by Honda that's cute. Everyone knows the type R is shit compared to its competition!

Miguel Garcia says:

Interesting to see hipster drift drivers do real racing like time attack…would love to see these guys battle in club spec racing with a number of cars on the circuit………probably die….

MrTDM09 says:

Damn and the Civic broke the built one? Crazy. Honda K series trans lol

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