Honda City Modified To Amazing Supercar Ferrari F430 Replica In Mumbai India 2015 [HD VIDEO]

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SUBSCRIBE: – This is a replica of Ferrari and if you want to modify your car like this contact me at

Amazing Ferrari F430 on crowded Mumbai streets. I am always a big fan of Ferrari cars and I saw one on the street and made this video. So have a look and tell me how is it. Do remember to SUBSCRIBE to my channel if you like my video.

This car has been modified from Honda City to Ferrari F430 so if you wants to modify your car like this contact me.


toshi ao says:

that's an embarrassing car to drive around.

sms2.0 sms2.0 says:

pls tell me frm wre u brought the kit, contact me 9895364594

ebi thomas says:

how much….?

Joel George says:

it doesnt look alike f430

Harshad Pandharpatte says:

How Much it Will Cost Me To Do This ?

Piyush Gautam says:

honda accord dash ?

dinesh kashyap says:

Should've worked a little more on the interior
Good job overall

sunil apte says:

How much this cost

dj snash says:

Can u share your contact details please

Sangram Singh says:

from where did u do that …

swastic sharma says:

hey buddy I am interested

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