Modified Cars Leaving a Car Meet (drifts, accelerations, slides etc.)

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In this compilation: tuned cars leaving a car show.(JDM/Euro/American cars).

Camera: Sony HDR-CX625


Lars Mars Cars says:

What was your favorite car in this video?? Let us know in a reply to this comment!

Fanatyk Samochodowy says:

6:42 The worst sounding BMW ever made..
It's hard to listen

Feen for Beam says:

Gtr for life

boi mwoan says:

Lars mars cars mijn favoriete auto's blijven al heeeeel lang de Toyota Supra en de Nissan Skyline gtr-34 en de Subaru Impreza

Kakashi Sem Pai says:

1:42 ricer -__-

Gareth Huggins says:

blur the number plates you idiot!

teo politis says:

When i see a supra thambnail i expect to see jdm cars not germans……..

r3h4n says:

Damn ear porn, that Rs7 sounded awesome, gotta say my fav was the R33 @5:15 though

Kye F says:

What is the car at 3:30?

Meccah West says:

Did anybody notice the Fiat overtake another car?

Alias TV says:

I am not sure which was more funny… all the riced out Hondas or the "Hoe weet jij dat" sign. lol

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