Modified cars leaving a car show 2018 | 100% Auto Live Rotterdam

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In this video a compilation of modified cars and sportcars leaving the great event 100% Auto LIve – Ahoy Rotterdam (Netherlands). A lot of nice cars, slides, burnouts, accelerations, flames,… Toyota GT86 Rocket Bunny, Liberty Walk GTR & M4, Widebody M4, R34 Nismo, R33 Nismo, R32 Nismo, Bagged Porsche, Modified Supra, Silvia, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, S2000, RS4, ….
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TonTon123 says:

1:16 rarest moment ever :0 bmw uses turn signal

GAMING Time !! says:

6:24 thank be later

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Hey b0ss says:

That DHL GT-R…

Deveesh Mehandiratta says:

2:47 Han's car 🙁

Ezekhg 2 says:

0:57/2:16 just dont hit the people okay…

Lachlan Wilcox says:

It's over anakin, i can successfully drive over a speed bump

Dilly Dilly says:

I bet everyone said a prayer as the mustangs left.

Bamwich says:

like 500 cars and only one true enthusiast(we all know who).. the falken skyline gets points too. the rest were losers.

Will McNeil says:

5:50 og THANOS car

matthew launchbury says:

who knew DJ Khaled was a car guy

Jake Spellman-Hess says:

@6:25 OMG

Mvk Jewls says:

03:08 If i know anything bout cars then they bout to rob a moving truck

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