Modified cars leaving a car show | All Down 2018

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Modified cars leave the great event All Down 2018 in Gent (Belgium). Some accelerations, sounds and wheelspins. Baby blue Audi Rs6, Rs4, GT-R r35, R32, Liberty walk M4, M2, Honda NSX and many more…
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Niko Georgiafentis says:

So many Golfs!!!! I love it!!

لؤي الدين عبد البديع شنيقل says:

من اللعربي عم بيتفرج

GSK Hardc0re says:

Every second car is a useless Golf..

Fortnite player Rollmoen says:

9:11 is so lit!!!!!!!

Only Me says:

My DS4 THP200 Sounds like that coz it has no back box

Enduro Pro says:

8:41 wow that is top quality

Kyle Harm says:

the red polo with launch control lol

Miguel prieto muñoz says:

Que pena de dinero, la mayoría de los coches que se ven en el video suenan como una lata, y andan menos que un carro de helados.

JP3 says:

the cracklemap thingy is getting sort of old tbh

4wdgtr says:

Good to see all the gender fluids are having a good day out.

Chelsea Grin m/ says:

3:16 that Corsa B xD

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