Modified Cars Leaving a Car Show – August 2017

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Cars leaving the Bedfordshire Modified car show at Sharnbrook Hotel, August 2017. From GT-Rs to Corsas to Lamborghinis!

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Anthony Jones says:

4 hours standing for an 11 minute vid. YouTube is a hell of a grind.

Louis Greenleaf says:

That corsa was so shit

alberto flora says:

makinas maravilhozas

ARGM says:

Wow that Golf R has a plastic reflector over his rear numberplate what a prick. And that old Honda Civic was just embarrassing.

Robert Belford says:

My Mrs had pick up a nice motor from customer other day -Mercedes s 500 coupe been tuned to approx 580 BHP was in Matte grey looked a beast she said

Kuba Kobiella says:


pedXheaven172 mopeds says:

standing there for about 4 hours on a 11 minit vid
what a joker

Raunchy 'First Impressions Garage' says:

Someone should show chow and Haggard what a real ls400 is

Daniel Parry says:

4:31 emissions? what emissions?

Kev the Rammer says:

Anyone else think turning up in a hotch potched back yard home brew while there's super cars there is all a little bit too desperate to get noticed…. ????

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