Modified Cars Leaving a Car Show – June 2017

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Modified cars leaving Players Classic at Goodwood, June 2017. Including slammed, stanced, tuned, riced and other modified cars from RX7s to Civics to Golfs to engine-swapped vans!
American and German customers simply search ‘AdamC3046’ on Amazon.

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BGame Fan :D says:

2st cars name pls some1 answer

itsDarrell says:

The last S2k was the best.

steven watson says:

Humanity= unaware egotistic bumholes.

KTMPowa says:

imagine how many people would be pissed off if they decided to put a speed bump at the entrance/exit. ''my car scrapes'' xD

Eli I deed it says:

These type of car videos are much more entertaining than supercars vidz.

Krisz Xeno says:

That s2000 09:58

Kowalski says:

i cringed so hard when i saw the bmw in the beginning

Caan t says:

where do u find the events at. and where was this filmed

Adam Verhoeven says:

You vid everything based on a picture of an awesome escort but all of your vids are 90% crap. Why don't you edit your clips and give us something worth watching. I could stand outside a show and give video of strippers leaving a club and provide better entertainment than your crap. Get a life you user

FordManMal says:

3:40 fuckn mint, left some nice twins there. And you blured his plates, good.

MrBrandonXP says:

What's the Blue car at 5:42?

Figureight says:

1:46 holy shit that beige Escort is awesome. Is that a Zender grill/light unit?

AyyItsEnvyed d says:

Dear Adam,

Thank you so much for the quality content you provide! Keep up the amazing work!

Envyed ❤

Wasim says:

6:06 rolling coal

JS Matharu says:

Do you normally say beforehand which meets you're going to?

David Segokodi says:

1:42 is that a ABF?

- SARGNT Clash Royale and More! - says:

Escort drivers don't know how to drive for shit especially at 3:48 look at that imbecile.

Glitta fk says:

you mean cars with fart cans leaving car show

MrPowderEater says:

ricers leaving car show

Carl Marshall says:

Thanks mate

karmy1 says:

loving the escorts man

mattvaughan180 says:

Is this meet on once a month??

uptheduffagain says:

Why do people think they look good by wheel spinning,as to me it just shows that there car will be slow as it can't get traction

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