Modified cars leaving a car show | Rise of stance 2017

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Modified cars leaving rise of stance 2017 @Lebeke (Belgium). In this video a compilation of some cars leaving the show. There were a lot of cars on this show.
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Mitko Genev says:

3:05 what model is this Audi?

Lampi940723 says:

75% Ricer :DD

viirusone says:

Rise of Clown Cars 2017

Fanatyk Samochodowy says:

2:03 Dark blue Golf, I see it every day near my school

simon harper says:

Most of them pieces of shite sound like a wasp stuck in a tin

Tomio Tommy says:

7:43 :D:D:D:D:D:D like.. it is after big accident? 😀

Dan81369 says:

80% 150HP ugly ass Ricers

Action Mann says:

Du bist cool und du bist krass

OfficialHoneZtAbe says:

Typical old white "get off my lawn" guy at 1:15

David Doise says:


Adriano Gomes says:

too many diesel cars

Troll Face says:

Jajajajajaja trash modified cars

n001m002 says:

Good video.

brittenv1000 says:

where's the burnouts?

MAD MIKE says:

OMG that red e30 in 5:17, that looks so cool

Harjit Bhogal says:

0:20 did u see the guy putting his hand up and down bcuz the sound xD

Superseppis says:

Selection of ugly cars OMG

GanksThor says:

02:38 thumbnail

Fwins says:

so many people from belgium drive diesels ahahahah its funny

Belgian carspotting says:

die lbworks 😮

Laurian Schram says:

niet eens 1 Nissan GTR of Skyline (dan is het geen echte car schow) was ik maar daar met mijn Nissan GTR LB dan was er tenminste wat te zien .

Fr Cl says:

Nice cringe compilation.

BorisBeer24 says:

Blue scirocco at 8:30 looked good

Mi Lang says:

3:31 fail turbo lol 😀

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