Modified cars leaving a Carshow – Dropped 2018

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Modified cars leave the great event Dropped – Slammed car event 2018 @Heusden-zolder (Belgium). Some burnouts, donuts, accelerations and sounds. Widebody Mustang, Widebody E30, 3x Supra, R34 skyline Nismo, 3x R33, Rs6, Rs4, … There were a lot of awesome cars, so not every car is in the video. Hope you like it.
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AmHistory X says:

I feel sorry for the brits, it looked like a car show for the ladies, 4cyl and 6cyl dominated event with stuff all V8's. Hahahahaha

Mariano Morales says:

350z 5 cyl swap?

Mr Teabagz says:

7:15 Thumbnail

Aetreus says:

4:14 what is that?

Yes, I feel bad not knowing…

Amistry20 says:

Thank me later


Yes Dubai, my city


Nice and cool

Terra Power says:

Come to australia, we’ll show you our 1000hp launches and proper burnouts

Krystian Grabowski says:

Car's its very nice, but pussy drivers

MadEvo606 says:

4:34 haha I farted and made the exact same sound

whoopess says:

2:33 smallest cock ever found on human body

Joseph Caronna says:

Deceptive picture on the front of the video it's mostly vw's

R Λ Z Ξ R - GΛMING says:

Got fucking click baited

Anas Y says:

Rice it baby rice it ❤

DeathBeatz says:

Anyone know the 2018 mustangs owners I.g? ( 7:17 )

Camorra 1986 says:

@0:12 Runied such amazing car. Clown owner has no taste at all.

Marcos Bidegain says:

3:40 the golf that goes to the Nissan and Porsche? the one that has 1000hp?

Michael Wils says:

ne hoop afgetrapte bakke! zitte nog een paar slimme tussen die respect hebben voor hunne otto

Samuel Norsander says:

So many golfs 😀

Bas bzb says:

blijft een kinderachtig gedoe dat pops en gurgle software pakketje 🙂

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