Modified cars leaving a Carshow | Risenation 2018 [Part 1]

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In this video a compilation of modified cars leaving the awesome event Risenation @Brabant (Belgium). There were a lot of great cars, modified, supercar, old cars and many more. R34, R33, Supra a lot of RS3, Golf R, bagged M4, AMG datsun 240z,… accelerations and sounds. This is part 1, part 2 coming friday.
See you next year on Risenation.
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Thesuperblack22 says:

That brown Z1 at 7:44 wins the "Biggest Flex" award. That's how you stunt at a carshow lol

Smart Life says:

Trillions likes and subscribers and best comments for this greatest channel

rordon gamsey says:

0:14 his reaction is amazing

Guitars Creed says:

All the vw make me happy

Braece says:


vrOOOm vlogs says:

Are you on Sunday coming to deinze?

Kom je zondag naar deinze?

FT MONK says:

First nice video

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