Modified cars leaving a Carshow | Wanted VIII 2018

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Modified cars leave the great event Wanted VIII @Wingene (Belgium). Some burnouts, accelerations and sounds. Widebody E30, Clio with huge spoiler, R33 skyline, 370Z nismo,bagged M4… There were a lot of awesome cars, so not every car is in the video. Hope you like it.
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masstok95 says:

4:37 rs7 supercharged

laura maria says:

#Ruiplay YT

Niels Taunsig Juulsgaard - 5A says:

Green buggy 9:11

Niels Taunsig Juulsgaard - 5A says:

7:23 Nice car

Lee Reason says:

2 fast 2 furious would be proud

paul soames says:

What a load of shite people really know how to fuck up nice cars

Márton Bogát Bakos says:

haha these golfs are gay as fuck

klokkieboy Gaming says:

ricer car meet?

Riku Savolainen says:

2:05 sounds so sick!

Waam22 says:

0:13 is this a RS4 2007 ?

Black Lotus says:

4:36 what's?

Droid Floid says:

I had to laugh at all these diesel optic tuned cars xD

John Doe says:

10:31, example of V6 Mustang debadged

FlorianGT5 says:

Too many riice :'(

GDW GLOS says:

4:03 Ikea called, they want their shelving back.

NZWAKA says:

holy shit.. what a reatarded @15 seconds

DrAppleCrispies says:

all these cars are great, until i heard the charger :O.

Ford Mustang Gaming Corporation says:

C’est un rassemblement belge

J.Belfort says:

People that just throw in new rims and call them selfes tuner….


pahahahahahahaha ive seen some shit in my time.but a clio with a fking ironing board this a car show? jeez get more excitment from a box of cornflakes.pmsfl

Z401G says:

How do you get that perfect blur, used different programs and doesn't really work

Gabba Gandalf says:

So many ricer fartcan popcornmaker… tuning community is getting more worse day for day.

TuneON says:

6:03 I Love this car

Timmerdietimtim! says:

What a ricers

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