Modified cars & Supercars leaving a Carshow | GR8-ICS 2018

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In this video a compilation of modified cars & supercars leaving the awesome event GR8 International Car Show @Kortrijk (Belgium). There were a lot of great cars, modified, supercar, old cars and many more. Rocket Bunny, R34, R33, RS6, M4,… Burnouts, Wheelspins, accelerations and sounds. Most of the burnouts are visitors. See you next year on GR8. Feel free to like , share and comment!!
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Cat From The Future says:

Just came here for the M3 at 7:21. Not disappointed. Not too happy about the man ass in the view though. xD

Blu3 Sk1es says:

1:24 is for sale for 49k GBP

Dogtato says:

That 86 LEVIN…..

That's a rare sight!

Kent Kollath says:

9:21 does dude call his friend Quasimodo? LOL

astu46 says:

my favorite: Clio 1:34 and Corsa 10:04 😉

Storm Gaming says:

dude laughing with the subie at 0:40 bet he can't even do it himself, or even afford such a beauty. dumbass clown

Jey Doza says:

Loved that e60

Jey Doza says:

Why are some plates sensored while others arebt?

The Handy Van says:

1:53 that cabrio

Стефан Цветковић says:

6:51 VW POWER 😀 <3 my LOVE is GOLF 5 GTI !!!!!!!!<3

Jay Parker says:

9:15 that baby blue audi was loud

Black Lotus says:


Bass Boosted says:


Jacob Kachinskiy says:

all v6 mustangs should burn in hell

Soner Davulcu says:

7:45 as bayrakları as ass

Speedy2M says:

you didn't even show all the cool old cars shame

maximanimo says:

1:57 winner ! don't need to see the rest

JPSayu says:

R.I.P. guy black jacket min 6:58 Hahaha

• josu • says:


I I I I I I I I I says:

All these people with nice cars yet they can't do a proper burnout

Hamza Hussain says:

2:33 car girl nice build


My god. Ricer trash much..

Jan-Jaap van het goor says:

3:22 Rest is Peace

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