Modified jeeps Punjab -Living Cars Ep 3

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Meet the recycling wonders from Punjab. Modifed jeeps of all kinds. Living Cars Episode 3 October 23 2010. Tata Aria and Fiat Linea T-jet launched.

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maninder mani says:

landi jeep da ta nazaara hi vakhraaa

CommandoHarmy says:


Roy Prabhakaran says:

Modified jeeps Punjab -Living Cars Ep 3

Keecheri Blade says:

can someone plz tell where exactly is this in punjab?

Rajesh Agashe says:

i wan jeep &yos

chaaktheirphfatte says:

type ‘dubwali’ in google and u will get to know what u want … good luck 🙂

dev Tomar says:

its haryana broder not panjab

love preet says:

if u don’t know how to write English then why u trying

Gagan Saini says:

sorry whats the name of place,

pranay pratap says:

thanks for sharing video ……

Lakshay Sharma says:

sala fudu. its restoring not recycling.

Shekhar Sharma says:

the name of the place is Mandi Dabwali

CommandoHarmy says:

HOW WE CAn contact with you guys

Adi says:

Oh man its not really Hard to Pronounce Dubwali and your Strong English
Accent is So Annoying.

Gerry Sangha says:

half haryana pehle punjab main tha ja kar pehle apne baap se poch le

Happy Singh says:

that’s like tangasssssss lol hors car

josh singh says:

@jashanbrar mandi dabwali 30 km frm bathinda city

Mandeep Virk says:

i cant stand the accent of this guy.

josh singh says:


TheJattboy005 says:

u r wrong bro….dabwaliz half part is in Punjab n d other half is in
Haryana…, technically dabwali is a part of Punjab…..

velly jattg says:

varinder gill saab att willy

dev Tomar says:

phle pakistan bhi hindustan me tha

MrAAOOO1 says:

sala fuddu dabwali haryana me hai

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