MODIFIED – Scrapin The Coast 2013 minitrucks cars bass girls

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underdogdj504 says:

Thanks for the feature at 7:30 homie! Dope Video ! Suscribed mane!

1978daemon says:


Timbeaux says:

Awesome video!

BassMaker2012 says:

I’m like the second view.

1978daemon says:

what the name of the song at 3:33?

Madmoney262 says:

Sucks can’t watch it

ShowtimeSPL says:

Dude, sometimes I just can’t believe how good your videos are. You seem to
capture an essence of car shows that is very difficult to capture on film.

RandomoGaming says:

10:12 OMG he proposed, awesome! 😀

NexusRides says:

awesome video bryan i love the stuff you do. keep making more videos


This video deserves more views!

Blake N says:

Thats my dads willys at 12:10 and our best friend at 12:13 in the chevy
pickup, video came out great thanks for making us a part of it!

André Pedersen says:

Anyone know were to get the music from the vid. beast music.

Mike K Verrall says:

a mint vid and love the music

05tahoe3j says:

Cant watch it..some copyright thing..

lilman227 says:

What the fuck YouTube?!?

supaflymonk says:

Blocked in my country 🙁 well shit, I’m sure it was awesome tho

Octane Anarchy Detroit Born and Built says:

love the local talent lol

Kodie James says:

No comment on that girls butt? Alright, I’ll do it. Daaaammmmmmnnnn. Haha

brutisking says:

Blocked here too

thisguyintxable says:

Unblock it

Bryan TheCEO says:

workin on it

soundstream witney says:

Blocked ;(((

André Pedersen says:

nr 33 for me -.-

Bryan TheCEO says:

How much do I owe you for saying that?

armykyle1 says:

Couldn’t say it better myself.

gweezy1 . says:


kia438 says:

song list and her eyes are amazingly attractive


its da truf son lol i can’t wait till the finals 2013 vid comes out man.
but you do your thing i am gonna subscribe took me 2years to do so lol

sickjohnson says:

Damn nice, even with out the Aunt Jemima! Awesome guy, and Sailor was FINE!

EPiiiC69WiiiN says:

Epicness happened this day!

ShowtimeSPL says:

Ha, I probably owe you.

Blake Farrar says:

wares the slamfest vid??

GanG914 says:

Great show & epic soundtrack. BIG LIKE 🙂

Bobby BASSHEAD says:

daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn que chula esa
chiqa, bad azz vid bro

SykoDj says:

Blocked in my country what the hell

casperskafs says:

To awesome man!!!

Timbeaux says:

Awesome video!

TheBassheadz says:

every time much much better B, love your works


Very nice video man

Tat2Dragons says:

Great job Bryan, nice coverage.

filipinokidd386 says:

another killer ass video bro!! and do you think you can name that second to
last song it was dope!

Julio Mengali says:

Bryan blz manda uma camiseta deste encontro.. obrigado

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