NEW BILSTEIN B6 Dampers BMW M140i Shadow Edition *Modified Car

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The weak link on my modified BMW M140i Shadow edition has been it’s stock suspension, works for a 7 tenths street car, but really suffers when being pushed harder. I noticed this during both of my recent Petrol Head trips, and especially on a track day we did at Llandow earlier this year, It seems the LSD, strut brace, lowing springs and spacers have exposed the standard cars stock suspension set up. I was looking at traditional Bilstein coli overs, but I use my car for everything and didn’t want to lose the ride comfort, these new dampers retain my cars adaptive adjustability, they’re plush in comfort and really stiff in Sports or Sports +.

Massive thanks to Mike and his team at Motech Performance, also huge thanks to uncle Tony (TRL) for coming along and letting me use a stock passive equipped BMW M140i to compare with.

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William K says:

I'm eyeing Bilstein B6 dampers for my Golf R with DCC.  They cost quite the pretty penny….

britainF1 says:

Joe, can you say why you have opted not to change the software for more horsepower? I just always thought it's the first thing people do with turbo cars. Is it fuel mileage or durability or something else that you don't like?

ItzD3fW1sH says:

N55 or B58 Joe?

z00h says:

RIP Rockingham, glad you managed to go for a spin there before they knock it down.

DieRunning1 says:

Need another vid on the bilsteins on city and country roads 🙂

Serhiy Kareta says:

rear end too stiff / too flat. losing it in every corner.
is that a good thing? 😉

Oli King says:

Current dream car mate. Motech have some awesome stuff coming in and out of their shop. Great video

Jamie Learmonth says:

I really want a m140i

DownShift Throttle says:

Entertaining video Joe!

Harkamal Aujla says:

Enjooooyed this. Im.soft found it interesting on slow laps .

Paddock Motors (Exeter) Ltd says:

Great video as always Joe

A F says:

Only downside to this car IMHO, the 3.0L engine size; I'm young so I get ridiculed on insurance.

STJA Gamerz says:

Joe how much is your insurance on your M140I ??

Dom says:

Why not use the M Laptimer App? It’s built into our cars and it’s pretty good. I use it on my M2 for every track day.

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