TOP 10: BEST Modified Cars in INDIA (Part 12) ! ! !

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Here’s the part 12 of the very popular series on INDIA SONIC. In this series we show you the Ten Best Modified cars in India per episode. Enjoy the video 🙂

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Sebastian Binny says:

I really lovd that X5.. Camos jus too gd. Can you do sumthn abt xuv500. Pls

dernier cri says:

really worst

Ganesh nik says:

Mostly can say modified cars of kerala rather than india

akhi. Matt says:

I need to contact that shamil huzain

akhi. Matt says:

Hey that humble gaint it looks awesome

Carl Zhuang says:

And that's a Hyundai Accent, idiot.

Sahiel S says:

they look ugly

darshit patel says:

superb modifications guys

Akash Nyk says:

is there any modified celerio

Siddhartha Suresh says:

India Sonic that Civic is my cousin's man

anubhuti saxena says:

has anybody used rocketbunny or libertywalk body kit because i thought they used in the innova and i20

challenging smartie says:

Hey bro most of the cars are modified in kerala

Tasty Chef says:

If u don't reply I will unsubscribe u

Evo Lover says:

I was just about to eat a bowl of rice

jargon 2130 says:

all these cars are just cosmetically changed
there is nno mechanical difference
my stock c class can crush them
nice vid but unless they are tuned mechanically for performance as well
dont use the word modified in your video

Bevan Christopher says:

should we seek permission from the RTO to modify like the modified civic? ie (lowering ride height & body kit)

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