Top 5 CRAZIEST Car Mods & Styles!

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Стас Иванова says:


Ish yo boi Hacks says:

The good old Hydrus

efra lara says:

Primera ves que veo tal desperdicio de dinero, tan mal invertido en autos

Jordan Gιllυм says:

Y did you clickbait the thumbnail

edifgrto says:

Those are OKU cars? Look so dumb…

MicdropArmy says:

Why do people make cars that scrape on the ground????!!?!??? if there's a speed bump the front will hit it lol

Petr Psuchek says:

Ahoj jak se vede

Lily Katherine says:

The thumbnail isn't even in the video smh

jack jack says:

1:00   totaler schrot

Samuel Moon says:

you know what i call it?


dj 25 says:

Alguém brasileiro ai

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