2012 Mustang GT 60,000 Mile Update

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Dang 60k Miles!! After all the beating the coyote is still running strong as ever..

Coming up on 2 years of ownership 🙁

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LetsGoToMarsMan says:

Your videos made my finale decision to trade in my 3.7 for a 5.0

LetsGoToMarsMan says:

2011 mustang 5.0 auto
Had it for almost a month, 73k Miles
17.0 mpg

Canh Nguyen says:

2014 rough stage 3 15mpg 63k

Dave Mustaine says:

Also I’m happy you kept the rtr wheels bro those wheels are badass as fuck if anything get brand new wheels

Allan Ross says:

Still got my first got right now.. it's a 95 ej1 civic coupe 5 speed with 232,000 miles and still running lol my dad used it for a beater and was able to last the clutch 5 years and now it's time for me to replace the clutch smh

Mitchell MD says:

I just got a 2013 Mustang 5.0 (33k miles – Race Red) and daily driving it in the Northeast lol Love my stang and i average 17-19mpg depending on if I'm ubering people around for the day/night or whipping it 😀

DealWithThePotato says:

Well they did make the Boss 302.. reply to your "I wish 2012 they had a track pack"

Matt Acosta says:

2008 California special. 92k miles. Bought it w 91k. Bbk headers. Straight piped.

-Slurmdaddy - says:

Rackin up those miles!

Rayo says:

2010 Genesis coupe I’ve had it for shit quite a bit of time. It has 128,000 miles I would love a 5.0 lmao

Daniel Gonzalez says:

2017 Gt Performance pack 9.6 pmg

Angel says:

2012 mustang gt averaging 11.6 mpg I hardly beat on it lol

Preludetotommorow says:

"if your gonna speed south saint paul" I lived their for 4 years, that is correct lol

Arturo Cervantes says:

Do u use synthetic blinker fluid or regular

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