2015 Ford Mustang GT vs. 2015 Chevrolet Camaro SS – Head 2 Head Ep. 58

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On this episode of Head 2 Head, presented by Tire Rack, Carlos Lago pits the Chevrolet Camaro SS against the new Ford Mustang GT. Not only are both packing around 430 horsepower, but they both have the most aggressive handling packages available with their respective performance packs. These cars have been going at it for longer than some of you watching have been alive, and they’ve never been better. To find out which is best, we’ll run them through the full gamut of MT testing, a drive on the road, and hot laps with Randy Pobst. Find out which one wins this classic American rivalry!

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Yes the camero may be better, but PERSONALLY I think the mustang looks more pleasing and nice to the eye.

Rush says:

The SS seems to have R-tires on it.

Sam Smith says:

why no 2016 SS Camaro vs 2016 Mustang GT video from motortrend yet? I love these comparison videos. both are awesome cars

Creedance redcalf says:

did anyone actually think the stang was going to win to the mighty camaro. hahah make's me laugh. XD

Muhammad M Salaam says:

The 5.0 Mustang powerplant is something to write home about however something I can't get over are the use of tread style of 1LE Camaro vs its competitor. Additionally with this Camaro coming from restructuring era of GM the car's funding was allocated where neccessary.

everything that mattered is where the right criteria was added.

the Alpha Camaro handles even more preferably however 1LE with a handbuilt powertrain; "Can have that"! Heck yes!

The Nerd Files says:

Mustang totally wins

Chris Kovacevich says:

What track was this video recorded on?

Akash Sharma says:

At the end of the day these cars are all AMAZING. If a Camaro were to beat a Porche, muscle guys would be happy. The same would happen with the Mustang. At the end of the day, its up to you; American, Japanese, or Euro.

ucdavis4pt0gpa says:

and guess what mr. reviewer? both stock exhausts are criminally neutered. You can fix that with a couple axle backs.

ucdavis4pt0gpa says:

Both are great cars and essentially even- but as usual the Mustang comes out on top as the easier to drive and live with on a day to day basis. You want a track or purely performance car the Camaro has often won by a nose- but the Mustang has ALWAYS been the more balanced and well rounded vehicle. Whether by design or not I don't know, but when you drive your Shelby every day (as I do) you want that balance- and it's worth the trade off when it's not QUITE up to snuff performance wise the maybe 5 days a year you throw it around taking up to Tahoe or out to Napa. And as an aside….let's face it, the Pony will always have the greater luster- they don't call them "pony cars" for no reason. It was first and it still carries the most weight- I have friends that have bad ass Challengers and Camaros (a couple have exotic euros)- nobody says squat to them about theirs. People stop me DAILY and talk to me about and gush on my Shelby- there's history in that car that the others will NEVER match. And the fact is if you're an enthusiast of one or the other- you simply are. And nothing will EVER sway your loyalties. Nor should it.

Jacob Ronaldo says:

2016 Chevrolet Camaro SS vs 2016 Ford Mustang GT now that the new Camaro is out i like both cars

AKAJared says:

I love keyboard warriors. They make me feel human – Messages from a dog

Kingboss4L says:

Chevy is the best gm is the best camaro is the best Ford suck and mustang suck

Holdadolla says:

I test drove an 2015 Ecoboost with an automatic Mustang, fully loaded with a $36,000 sticker price. The next day I test drove a 2015 V6 Camaro with a stick. I also test drove a 2015 V6 Mustang convertible. I had more seat time in the Mustang and I ended up buying the Camaro. In my opinion, it's an all around better car. Granted it's a heavy pig, it has so much potential. All the Z/28 or 1LE parts bolt right on to any Camaro. You can twin turbo the V6 and make 500+ HP and keep up with just about anything on the road. I love this car.

Gustavo Mafra says:

Vcs colocam a versao mais potente do mustang e a do camaro a versao mais "fraca "????

Eric De Loera says:

why did you guys leave the challeger out
that would of been nice to see all 3

ٰクウェート says:

Should i get a 370z or a '15 mustang gt?

Francisco Palacios says:

Carlos Lago is a chevy fanboy. Fact

The Lightning 15 says:

Camaro Vs Mustang
Which one is better?
Which ever one your heart falls for
…. Hopefully that will be a camaro

Michael Yang says:

… Continuing my comparison between the two and on the subject of The SS's visibility, the front not being as bad as people make it out to be, the side in the rear visibility is horrible. Having driven it for the first time and not having gotten used to driving it I was scared to death to change lanes. My cousins experience of driving my 2016 Mustang GT was that visibility was very good compared to his SS. The One thing I can say that I loved about the SS is the way it sticks to the road. It felt like it could take any hard turn at any speed compared to my Mustang. However because of this fact, the 2015 SS makes for a less comfortable ride because the mustang absorbs bumps so much better. I can believe that the Camaro is a much better car on the track but in my Opinion based on the things that I've observed an experienced haven't driven both cars is at the Mustang is a much more exciting car to drive onThe streets and highways.

Michael Yang says:

Own a 2016 mustang GT, just test drove my cousins 2015 Camaro SS. My Mustang is the base model GT. My cousins Camaro SS is also automatic and essentially the basic version. Having driven the two this is what I find to be true. Despite what Carlos says about the sound, The mustang exhaust is louder and throatier. Even from within the cabin it's much louder. The SS has a somewhat muffled sound. From within its cabin it's comparably quiet. The SS's gas pedal is very heavy and short compared to the Mustangs gas pedal. The Mustangs gas pedal is a light and deeper. Because SS's gas pedal is heavy and the cabin is relatively quiet you have to apply much more pressure on the gas pedal and because you do not hear the engine rev and roar as well as the mustang, it is not as an exciting experience when driving fast in a Mustang. The front visibility in a SS is not as bad as people make it out to be but the rear and the side visibility is very horrible. To be continued…

Anderson Lemus says:

In real life ,a straight line is all that matters ,mustang wins big time

Vache Bagramyan says:

Who cares about the racing statistics? 99% are gonna drive it around the city! I just don't understand this reviews man. pointless.

Riz Aqua says:

love camaro ss :*

SS4LiFe1488 says:

Theyre both good, chevy and ford both are american made so therefore i like both.

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