2017 Ford Mustang GT: Review

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Here’s one I definitely look forward to every year! In this one I’ll go over all the changes for the 2017 Mustang GT along with of course the test drive, some awesome revs, exterior, interior, engine bay & more!

Big thanks to McCafferty Ford in Mechanicsburg, PA for allowing me to check out the NEW 2017 Ford Mustang GT! For more information on their inventory please feel free to check out the link below.


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nathan vick says:

what are the new wheels your talking about? The wheels in this video are the Perf Pack wheels right?

KewlGuy98 says:

Awesome video and review! Really makes me want one, but I don't know if I can give up the height in my F-150 since I hate being so close to the ground, but damn that Mustang is so amazing!

IIZantesukenII says:

Ford needs to bring back True Blue. I'm not into the flashy look at me Grabber Blue. Lightning Blue looks ok but I need something darker.

Dayman Dayman says:

yay still slower than the new camaros..

Jake Lloren says:

wtf why is it so cheap tho. here in the philippines its like $60,000

Watson Jean says:

Sounds good

Christian Puga says:

Currently have a V6 2015 Black Mustang, let me start of by saying it is a really fun car to drive, even for a V6. Definitely plan on switching it for GT. As for the color, Black does show way more swirls and dust/dirt much more than any other color but if you know how to maintain it right, its well worth it. Highly recommend getting it detail twice a year to keep it in great condition.

Chasity Nuvo says:


The Nitro Gamer says:

Best bang for your buck in interior and horsepower from the v6-voodoo v8

Raúl says:

awesome car! I was hoping they would make it louder than the previous year. It's rather quiet. I'm a camaro guy and still prefer the new camaro to this. The GT350 is still the best mustang to get though! It just sounds amazing. Awesome review.

Extraterrestrial 0 says:

How to choose shelby vs camaro vs challenger vs charger .. which one

Larry House says:

Damn you Americans have got it good. That's a Ford Fusions price here in Canada. This is a 65 thousand dollar car.

FW1QTR says:

I have same this car but red it fun

Artemis Mako says:

i'm a big fan of both mustang gts and camero ss/zl1/z28s, i really hope i buy both when i'm older

Artemis Mako says:

i really like how the newer mustangs look wow

ChrisT Vlogs says:

this car is hot

Andrea Hatfield says:

total eclipse the movie

Julian Lazaro says:

his reaction on the mustang was way better compared to his reaction on the camaro. when he accelerated on both cars.

IBleedBolts says:

Nice video! Anyone ever tell you that you laugh like Jay Z does?

Ness Rosenbrad says:

Are the backseats actually pretty decent for adults? I've seen Mo Vlogs but adult sized people in the back.

wildcanucks33 says:

Is the mustang hard on gas

andybcampos says:

You just pushed the car past 3K rpm… isnt that bad for the engine? dont you need to break it in first before you do that ?

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