2018 Ford Mustang GT Performance Pack Official Review and Dyno Results – Hot Lap

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In this episode of Hot Lap, we got our hands on one of the first 2018 Mustang GT’s from a dealership and went straight to work! Watch as Adam and crew do a complete overview of our new 2018 Mustang GT Performance Pack 6 including some fun on the dyno!


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Condor1970 says:

Has Ford finally figured out how to properly line up all the panels?

matthew x 2 says:

that thing sounds sick man i love that thing

JoshJLMG Productions says:

This guy needs a thesaurus

Santino Rodriguez says:

scared light undermine photo lock support behind sleep african-american.

NYDP 77 says:

Good video. I don't want to sound like safety first, but one hand on the wheel when driving. We don't need another mustang crash on the internet.

MS GAMER says:

I might get a Mustang gt

stuna101a says:

This car is 500HP+ at the crank

Preston Hooper says:

I have a 2014 GT, wasnt impressed by the 15-17…
and now i I want this one.

Sonchori Park says:

I like new front. Sexier.

Lorenzo Maximo says:

Way better looking than that ugly ass Camaro.

Simple Frankie says:

625 miles with check engine… what can u expect its a ford

TurgBurglar says:

Needs auto rev match for the manual tranny.

ztwntyn8 says:

I go by ztwntyn8 you know what I'm sayin…. but I want this car. This has thought put into it. There is a rad instrument cluster (if that's what it's called) a friggin line lock for Christ's sake and drag shock capabilities… oh and adjustable exhaust as well. Without a lot of compromise for handling it can dig and without compromise out of the hole it can corner well. I wonder what 60' times ppl will be getting with these on stock tires….

nowzthetime says:

I fkn luv it

I fkn want it!!!

Kenneth Clark says:

I still wantit to be louder lol, I want to go deaf

Texas Heat says:

Wow the mustang has made incredible progress. Great looking car. Seems they’re moving away from the muscle car class. Looks like more of a sport car class. Track capable and good power. Styling looks like a BMW on the front. Great sports car.

Wackedgaming says:

Still can get all this and a bag of chips for 4-6k less in a Camaro 2SS. I do like this Mustang just wish Ford would do better pricing.

Yes i'm ready for all the "well just get a lame-maro then dumb dumb" or "then why did you watch this video you stupid face".

Adam D says:

Would be a good idea to cut the music while the guy is talking, esp while trying to hear him talk in the car and hear the different exhaust sounds.

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