2018 Mustang GT 10-Speed Automatic: CJ’s New Project “Cheese Whiz” Intro

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Bill from CJ’s gives you some first impressions of his new 10-Speed Automatic 2018 Mustang that he’s named…Cheese Whiz!

Cheese Whiz has the Orange Fury paint option offered by Ford, this popular color really adds some personality to our newest project car, and it compliments well with the black accent package.

Mostly fitted with the standard options, we ordered Cheese Whiz with a lot of future changes in mind. What are those changes? You’ll have to wait and see what surprises we have in store, so click subscribe and you won’t miss out.

Stay tuned for some great new installments. Also, let us know what you’d like to see us do with Cheese Whiz, or tell us about your own 2018 Mustang. Don’t hesitate to shout out to us, just post in the comments below, we look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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Gabriel says:

Love that color

KlipschHead281 says:

Since 1984 I've been buying 5spd Mustang's, 2019 will be my first auto due to feet issues, thankfully Ford now has the 10spd so I won't be too disappointed.

Julius Jones says:

I ordered mine 2 weeks ago with 4:10 gears and the 10 speed Automatic super shift transmission.


55k mustang, ill take an m4 for that price

SunnyD550 says:

Looks like mine. Good color!

Vinesh Pratap says:

Thought you had bought the red one.


Should add a widebody kit.

MrHighlyEvolved says:

Id' really like see an 18 with an aftermarket hood.  Any plans to do so?

MrMrwilson11 says:

Makes me wish I wasnt retired. I would trade my 2015 in on one. But I have a lot of money in the 2015, so I will keep it. 2018 Is a beautiful car

Zack Jones says:

I want one of those red CJ hoodies. I don't see it on the web site though.

William M says:

I thank the never ending push from EPA for better fuel millage. Because of them, we get to have a 10 speed stang. dang

Jonathan Pena says:

Yay can’t wait been wanting to see a build for the Orange Fury color

HotShotVQ35 says:

#savethemanuals..agree with everything you said, for drag a10 is king, i prefer to row my gears

Marc David says:

Awesome !!! As usual.

julius ceasar says:

how would you rate the magnaride dampers vs after market

Rene Garcia says:

Auto is the way to go

Harambeisalive says:

So 10 speed with a power adder such as a blower with the stock gears be better? Or still the 3.55?

Abraham Cruz says:

I prefer std 100%

Bill Palmer says:

Give it more gears

MaverickMSM says:

Love the name, I don't think it's Cheesy at all (get it?)

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