2018 Mustang GT w/ 10 speed transmission! Full Walkaround!

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Today we are doing a thorough review of the 2018 Ford Mustang GT 5.0L V8 with the 10 speed automatic transmission. This Mustang is Race Red and it is the Mustang GT Premium Package! The 18 Mustang is refreshed with new styling on the front end. The hood is longer and lower. The front bumper is more angular while the grille is much more aggressive. The rear of the vehicle showcases the active exhaust that is just like the Shelby GT350! With the flip of a switch you can change the tone of the exhaust. The inside of the new Mustang is also different. It has a brand new instrument cluster that is reminiscent of the 2017 Ford GT Supercar!

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Emil Borchert says:

The 11-12 and 13-14 looks are definitely king in my eyes, I felt like the 11-12 was the best looking, but you have to compromise for a lack of features that the 13-14 brought, so the 13-14 is probably my favorite for that, the 15-17 lost some points in the looks department but I think the 18 might just get some of those back, I like what I see so far.

Graham says:

I like the front, but whats with the hideous lines and indentations on the black deck lid panel? And the new tail lights looks way less interesting… The 15-17 had a nice 3D effect.

alex huang says:

I just got my mustang 2017 for 7 month!

xcart says:

Ford, got a word for you, STOP CHANGING WHAT'S PERFECT

radost0514 says:

i like how ford destroy the perfect looking mustang!

The Stig says:

I see Michelin tires. YES! They've ditched the dreadful p-zeros

DavisDFPV says:


Monopoly says:

those rims are siiiick

mkvl1490 says:

Increase performance wise, decrease looks wise. Front and the back aren't proportional, the front looks too long when viewed from the side and why the back looks like the old mustang?

Joseph Dan says:

Sorry I haven't like Mustang's design since 2014. The things I hated most about new mustang that it looks more like Ford Fusion coupe then mustang. Mustang should have retro look with no European influence. Fusion should look like Fusion, mustang should look like mustang, and Taurus should look like Taurus.

Nick RAOL says:

The only thing I want to know is HP. The only exciting part of 2018 Mustang is exhaust switch.

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