2018 Mustang Horse Power Numbers and Thoughts GT, EcoBoost, GT350

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So the 2018 Mustang has not yet been released but Ford did unviel it a few months back. There will be significant changes to the exterior and interior as well as some engine changes in both the EcoBoost platform and the GT.

LMR HP Article: https://lmr.com/products/2018-mustang-horsepower-numbers-ratings

More information: http://www.motortrend.com/news/11-significant-changes-refreshed-2018-ford-mustang/

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Mustang Lifestyle says:

One day after posting this ford officially announced 460HP and 420 ft/lb of torque! Sorry for the slightly out dated info.

shawn withers says:

Hey this eco boost can produce a LOT more HP.. GT 500 ecoboost platform 560hp?

john hunt says:

tidy up the front of the car. looks like crap. also put some up to date day lights in them. theyare as dim as 1966 vw headlights.

notafraid06 says:

I hope the auto transmission is good. My personal experience with ford auto transmissions is not great. My 08 f150 slips once and awhile and the rpms surge. Ive gotten good at catching it and letting off the gas. As far as manuals go, i often drive a large diesel manual for 10+ hrs at work. Im all set with shifting at the end of the day. Lastly people who roasts their tires in burnouts are as lame as people who "roll coal"


Mustang guys have either others shifters to play with so they're okay with autos.


Kinda weird the "new Mustang" media onslaught has begun and Ford doesn't even have it on its own website. And they won't be in dealerships for a couple months. Sounds like somebody pushed "send" on the mass email marketing campaign too soon.

R Taylor says:

The car’s 5.0-liter V8 now features dual-fuel, high-pressure direct injection and low-pressure port fuel injection technology for increased power and efficiency. The engine’s 460 horsepower and 420 lb.-ft. of torque represent improvements over the current model’s 435 horsepower and 400 lb.-ft. The result is an engine that delivers robust low-end torque, high-rpm power and improved fuel efficiency. (confirmed)

Hal Yolo says:

I'm starting to like the way the new mustang looks

omeggah says:

non drivers drive autos

Pazzo Luna says:

Someone who doesn't say "pound feet" of torque!?! Good man!!!

Richard D says:

I live in San Diego and totally used to the mark ups….. planning on getting a 2016 Shelby 350 GT anyway

pat mcgeough says:

I've heard the eco boost looses power after 10,000 miles like a dog shedding hair.

pat mcgeough says:

Now you have to trade yours in lol…

divid3dbyZero says:

It's so weird how Mustangs grow on me. Maybe it's because I'm a Mustang guy. I still don't like the 2018 front end, but I dislike it less than I did initially somehow…

Sean Sheppard says:

I love the 2018 Mustang

blackericdenice says:

Who told you a 2015 Mustang GT will make close to 450 hp with just an intake swap? People like you are the reason there are so many dumb young people on line.
I bet If you checked. The 2018 5.0 has different cams than the 2015.

남있음 says:

이새낀 지얼굴을 광고하네

Hector Damian says:

Thanks for the info


My bad that was the turd…lol


Please retint your Cobra… Cheaper to buy a clutch thumbs up!

HipHop Johnny says:

But the camaro has 455 hp and 455 tq…………..

Mustang Muscle says:

Scott needs to get the 2018 mustang! Just a few months away and it would make for some really nice videos. Once it comes out everyone on youtube is gonna be dying to see a 2018 in action.

carlos velasco says:

Knowing gm im pretty sure theyre going to get at least 480 horses out of the camaro ss now that the mustang makes 460

TheManicorn says:

I never thought I would say I want an automatic mustang…but I want an automatic mustang….

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