2019 Camaro SS vs. 2019 Mustang GT!

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And so per your request… Now that I own the 2019 Ford Mustang GT and recently test drove & reviewed the 2019 Chevrolet Camaro SS I think it is now time to do a proper review on these two! Here are 10 key differences between the 2019 Mustang GT and the 2019 Camaro SS!

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Markus Roads says:

Rear leg room???????????

Mr. Merica says:

The Camaro sounds so much better

Paul Daluz says:

Dude you fuckin talk too much. I get it, its a car review. But put some space between your sentences….Jeeez

Trey Jones says:

The front of the Camero gives me a new NSX vibe

GB says:

Ok. That Camaro looks like an ugly charger. THAT'S saying something

Jose Escobar says:

Tayota Camry vs Austin Martin

Anthony ! says:

Pfff you American people and your low ass car prices.. I have to pay $130.000 for a GT where I live.

Shaddad AL-Ahmary says:

The camaro looks like the charger

Luke G says:

Front end: mustang>camaro
Booty: camaro>mustang

the epic ethan gamer says:

Whatever dude the Camaro is a baby car compared to the Mustang

Electro Man says:

Cars are too expensive. Do production cars really need 400 hp ?
Enjoy being in debt to impress those who don't matter.
Guess what… Next year, your car will be last years model.
Buy a restored classic for a fraction of the price instead.
More valuable with age and they never go out of style.

Jorden Mercer says:

With you being a mustang owner and me a Camaro owner I appreciate your unbiased review on both cars. Great content you got my like

Nathan Andrew Davis says:

I'd say hands down, like you said, the Mustang wins it all!

zro says:

I really hate that new green color for the mustangs.
It’s so fuckin ugly.

Yo Mama says:

They are pieces of shit!!!

Savage Lax says:

Yoooo my dad bought a truck at the chriswell dealership and I saw that exact same camaro! And all the zl1s. He got a ram 1500 where that huge lot full of jeeps and rams are. Also I own a 2017 camaro 2.0 T

synth505 says:

One thing these cars have in common… they both looked better before the face lift.

Max D says:

Bottom line is the Mustang looks better and is more usable.

Toon World says:

All votes to Mustang

Shane Black says:

Made in the USA! Murika!

Ewie M says:

The crackle? Maybe someone put Rice Krispies in the gas.


Good video bro ..

Matthew Castro says:

Ummm? You’re comparing sports cars and you care about leg room and truck space

Tim Hares says:

The crackle from the Camaro also happens because you had the manual version of it. You would get more crackle on the mustang if it was also a manual.

acid847 says:

damn settle down!

Joe B says:

The Tail lights on the Mustang is the connection to the 68 and its best feature

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