2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt: Start Up, Exhaust, Test Drive and Review

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This is the limited edition Bullitt!!

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Today we take a look at the limited edition 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt!

The V8 had very good performance both in acceleration and sound! Nothing can beat the sound of a nice V8 rumble! It handled turns very well at the same time and was so much fun to drive!

The exterior style looks great! Sleek and muscular lines give it a bold look that falls nicely in the 2019 Ford line up of vehicles. The interior had nice leather accents and quality feeling components. Very easy to use with minimal buttons, touch screen infotainment screen and nice amenities.

The back seat room is actually useful and are comfortable to sit in. If you had to use them, they are functional! There is definitely plenty of room in this coupe!

With the different driving modes from normal everyday driving to the drag strip! You have a variety of setting to best suite the type of driving you are doing with the car and you have the option of changing up how the steering wheel performs as well! So much technology for a daily that you can track at the same time!

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Jason MacRonald says:

Cars in the US are so cheap compared to where I live. A base v6 mustang costs 70k euros where I live. What a scam

Day Night says:

Look very good, better GT350 !

Jedward Tong says:

So pretty…

mark schwartz says:

I love all of the BFS vids, but Please stop saying "thee" for " the." It's driving me crazy. Thanks.

Matt Jones says:

Does the engine have the typewriter tick?

Bill Browning says:

I expected more horses. Bummer.

stratusedge2k7 says:

Are the black tips for the active exhaust exclusive to the Bullitt?

Strachan Clips says:

I have a feeling this is gonna be a good video

Ahmad Yassin says:

what car you will choose ?(MUSTANG GT/370Z NISMO /CAMARO SS 1LE 19/BMW M2)

TSG Kingkristijan1 says:

This car sickk

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