2019 Mustang GT 5.0 vs 2018 Camaro SS 6.2

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Finally took a trip down to Mexico to put my 2019 Mustang GT Performance Pack 1 up against a 2018 Camaro SS (2SS). Solid runs both cars are quick but the Mustang pulls harder up top and comes away with the W.

2019 Mustang GT Specs
Horsepower 460
Torque 420

2018 Camaro SS Specs
Horsepower 455
Torque 455

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DrivenAuthority916 says:

Give that camaro a driver mod. This guy sucks

cookymunster says:

Before I even watch ima say the camaro wins, better trans and no lift shift makes c7 and camaros one hell of a manual car

Riley Neufeld says:

Seems that auto vs auto and manual vs manual the 18-19 mustang beats both the SS and the Challenger.

Andrew Gaston says:

Dodge has the most bang for your buck a scat pack bone stock beat a bone stock 2018 camaro and the scat pack he’s heavier

BrandonT Ratt says:

Good race nice cars! I have owned a 98 ls1, 14 5.0 , 19 5.0 and 19 SS I can say the mustang is fast but the Camaro is more enjoyable to drive with the rev match and interior is awesome.

Alex Anabolic says:

The camaro will win every time on the 1/4 mile, but the mustang will will every time on the 1/2 mile. As simple as that. Both car are amazing, pick the one you like. Add the Challenger to the equation also, it belong here, just between the mustang and the camaro. Thanks god to let me be part of the best american v8 dream era ever.

Sonic_1000 says:

Haven't lost to a manual 3rd gen Coyote in 18 SS manual. Pulled em all from 20 and 50.

Esteban Hidalgo says:

Was it just me or did the shift knob rotate off center lol also, what exhaust do you have?

Mr. D says:

Camaro driver keeps pressing the brakes

Mr. D says:

You lost the 2nd run also..he braked

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