2019 Mustang GT PP2 vs Camaro SS 1LE – TRACK REVIEW // DRAG RACE & LAP TIMES

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CONTINUING OUR FULL TRACK SERIES! James and Thomas take the new 2019 Mustang GT Performance Pack 2 and pit it against the 2018 Chevrolet Camaro 1SS 1LE in a full track test: Drag race, drifting, and lap times! Can the coyote in the Mustang defeat the powerful and lighter Camaro? Let’s find out!

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Written and Presented by: James Engelsman, and Thomas Holland
Filmed and Edited by: Thomas Holland
Produced by: James Engelsman

Drone/Camera Operator: Ben Kahan
Camera Operator: Harrison D.



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udmbfck x says:

Thanks for the video….these are always fun to watch….I've been a fan of both Mustang and Camaro since the mid 80s…I had a 86 5.0 LX notchback 5 speed, first year of FI, that thing was pure fun.

I do admire GM and their chassis tuning and, even though the Mustang GT engine sounds closer to the GT350 (race like), the small block V8 sound of the Chevy is nothing to scoff at. I don't own any of these 2 now, having moved on, but the Stang seems to be the easier one to drive and live with, the 10 speed auto makes this a giant killer.But the Chevy has the better chassis, although the submarine bathtub windows kill it for me. A basic Chevy Camaro SS's suspension is pretty good and I would be happy with either a 10 speed auto Stang GT with the PP1 or a base Camaro SS auto.

Joe Arden says:

I don't care what anyone says or how any performance evaluation goes , the Camaro SS will ALWAYS be the superior car, it's just better in so many ways, the mustang is a boy's car , the Camaro is a MANS car , is and always will be , nough said . 100% !

Who’s at Boi says:

I think they shoulda switch cars and did the races again showing it’s not jus the driver

Jon M says:

Those are flying

D T says:

Muskrats have never ran with camaros, NEVER WILL

Conrad Eaton says:

I’ve got the 19 SS Camaro one 1LE I love driving that car both of these cars are amazing but I’m a Camaro guy all the way.

DeathMetal1026 says:

Fuck a mustang. GM ftw as always.

Phillip Craggs says:

cool, found my second local content channel in as many days, Hello from Oshawa!! Sub'd

Greg Lyle says:

I've seen this battle from the beginning. This has always been the results always. But Mustang has always beaten the Camaro where it counts, style, cost, and sales. There is no gap in Mustang evolution.

Fernando Domingues says:

camaro the best, bealtiful

T.J. Spike says:

Mustang bois be sour

S550 Danny says:

I own a mustang but even I can’t deny that the SS 1LE is a track monster

Wyatt Williams says:

fake news. they need to atleast a do that a couple times. hes off by 1 second and that 1 second could of been one simple mistake.

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