2019 Mustang GT vs Camaro SS and vs 2017 Mustang – drag race

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Two races between 2019 Mustang GT and Chevy Camaro SS ,who’s faster ? and 2019 Mustang gt vs 2017 Mustang gt 1/4 mile drag race,top speed and acceleration


ArsNoob [ARSLAN 2019] says:

I have Mustang GT 2013

drfaticus F-gm says:

The Crapmaro looks like shit

Twestedash Furtado says:

And to be honest the Mustangs were always faster than the Camaros since the sixties

Twestedash Furtado says:

I assuming the Camaro is also a auto the front nose was not dipping through the gears.

Mcburney Irish says:

Everyone just race to the next red light

Ray Volanos says:

Both of them car suck

ام حسين says:

Which one is faster

Mr Anderson says:

Looks like someone needs to learn how to.drive lol

João says:

It was not worth the Camaro versus the Mustang! this version of Mustang is the best it has, and this one of Camaro is the intermediate one, so why not put then: Mustang GT VS Camaro ZL1.

dutchrolla420 says:

Almost certain the first stang is 10 speed automatic, the Maro is definitely a stick.

chuck atack says:

Lol had a great laugh readin the comments in here. Especially the fomoco boys sayin ths butthurt was comin from the bowtie fans lolol but the funny part is how much the fomoco fans badmouthed everyone while showing that even though the stang won they couldn't help but be assholes when talking about bowties. The thing that makes a car great is the nut behind the wheel not the emblem. I'll say this i am a bowtie fan and a camaro owner( 02 ss convertible ls1) and i've never felt the need to berate anyones choice in manufacture. Now i worked for fomoco for many years so i do have a little savvy on them, and that is why drive bowties. Say and think what you want but in my opinion bowties put fomoco to shame except possibly in the early year trucks. But that is another story. So y'all should respect each others choice and quit badmouthing the other persons ride, just makes you look like bully 6th grader.

FBI says:

That mustang is what I like to call a disgustang

Todd Griffin says:

I’m a Chevy man but It’s whatever money you want to spend that wins the race. Chevy is making 50 Yenkos that crank out 1000 hp . Go get one a line up that mustang and see what happens. Point is Chevy and Ford will give you what you need for the right price. It’s a never ending saga.

La La says:

Что, серьёзно ни одного русского ?

Yordan Vasquez says:

Es obvio que el mustang iva a ganar si el camaro ss es mas lento pero el camaro zl1 le gana por mucho al mustang

allstar RRR says:

Wow the mustang is a une second more fast

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