2020 Ford Mustang SUV Is REAL! Electric Only?

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Ford is releasing a 2020 SUV that is the “mustang suv” has a mustang front end and is electric with a performance model to follow? 2020 mustang gt500 bronco shelby gt500
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Driveway Demons says:

What do you think of this electric ford mustang suv?

Torn Hub says:

Kinda has a Hyundai Veloster and Mustang look mixed

goatmonkey2112 says:

I don't mind them using styling cues from a Mustang in a SUV, but they just shouldn't call it a Mustang.

Willie Williams says:

So are they honna drop the EDGE

Willie Williams says:

The mustang looks like a 2dr dodge caliber with the stang frontend

The Insufferable Tool says:

If they want to sell them, they won’t go electric only…

Danny Smith says:

That Mustang SUV looks dope take it exactly how it is and right into production they would sell a ton of them

LuvKills Slowly says:

Electric Ford F150? What do you think about that?

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