5 reasons why the 2018 Ford Mustang is BETTER than the “old” one

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This is the 2018 Ford Mustang GT! Here are 5 things that has IMPROVED Americas original Pony car !

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NYGriego74 says:

First timer, the front end reminds me of the Taurus and Fusion lol

Ceetress J. says:

Hate the dashboard……..no passion, no emotions…..thats why i still think, the 2015-17 Mustang ist still better. The View of the analog gauges is beautiful and let you feel the speed…..

Ravon Wynns says:

The front light just gets to me.fuck man I’ll shoot you bitch

Camera Man says:

They have to ditch and Ecoshit engine as well.

rudy torres says:

I had a shocking revelation the new headlights look like the Elantra guys….. Just the shape any way.


2011 gt500 still best looking mustang built

james woynilko says:

Good,informative review!..thank you!

tom kenway123123123 says:

boring color

Dim Per says:

It's ugly I prefer the previous one

David Murdock says:

LMao The front end is ugly,theand the hood is horrible.The only mustangs that are good are roush or supersnakes.The only thing that is ok is the new dash.THATS IT and who cares about 20 horsepower more.My roush is over 800hp who cares about stock WTF

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