Best Mustang Pullouts/Burnouts of 2017!

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2017 is almost over, so here’s the best pullouts and burnouts I have recorded all through out 2017!

Hopefully 2018 will be even better! Thank you for everyone who has come along with me on this journey and hopefully you all stick around for 2018!

I will be heading to Silver Springs Ford and Mustang Roundup on January 13th in Ocala Florida, Let me know if you’ll be there so I can get some shots of your Car!

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Ford Guy says:

Prepare yourself for the mustang jokes and people who have nothing better to do than hate on a video for no reason. To those of you who support me, Thank you and I appreciate every single one of you.

True Genius says:

That red one with the body kit and red demon lights was my favorite one

superluminal89 says:

What's the name of that joint at the end?

marsha capinpin says:

Louder than any muscle car

Emanuel Espinoza says:

I thought I was going to see death and crashes

TheCloverBoy says:

Too bad i live in a right hand drive country 🙁

The Manager says:

Burnouts on wet pavement… Cool man

LARADOOD 96 says:

damn 2014 5.0 sound dope af

Tadd Mason says:

"tried and true my blood runs ford blue"

Grayson Davis says:

Where was that one meet that was when all of those people where watching the accelerations and you where on a strip in the middle of the road? I saw someone ik with there mustang the one where the cops came.

Josh Van Vorce says:

im 21 i took my 97 f150 to a car meet and i have it cammed and supercharged and raced a small turbo 80s mustang and whooped his ass

LkG Soldier says:

A wing on a mustang?

Evan Plays says:

to be fair I like any type muscle car. I think Camaros are cool, and mustangs, as well as Challengers. When I turn 16 however I want a 2012 mustang gt. 6 speed manual.

Brad85 says:

damn it… i almost shouldn't have watched this video… 2017 was great… wont make it for 2018 but 2019 is planned… watching this video just made it hard lol great video though Ford Guy

Isham Gamer says:

this has to be cgi none of them crashed

avi ramlochan says:

I fucking love this! Ford!

PVKLoL says:

Is every 5.0 owner running the exact same exhaust setup or something because every single 5.0 sound exactly the same.

Billy Simpson says:

Yes a black 03 terminator !!!! Thanks for asking…

Trishan Ramdin says:

I love mustang should have one

Jeremy Greathouse says:

Last two are the best. But loved them all.

denzel edward says:

6:45 owner of the blue stang ?

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