Camaro SS Owner DRIVES my 2019 Mustang GT! First Impressions..

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I let a 2018 Chevy Camaro SS owner drive my 2019 Mustang GT to see what his take on it was, this video is his first impression and reaction to driving my mustang. Tomorrow I get to drive his 2018 Camaro SS and see what the competition is like! Thanks for watching!


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Christopher Barger says:

Can I drive it next?

I love how nice he treated your car. He went nice and easy.

Man that rev match is awesome! I’ve gotten good at rev matching but if my M3 did it automatically, I’d absolutely love it

Christopher Barger says:

We’re goin’ to Mexico boyyyyys!!!!

bocean07 says:

Pontiac will be back one day

bocean07 says:

He didn't want to want one

Kain J says:

Its all like little kids that own these kind cars.

Brad Woods says:

The mustang's visibilty is so good.

MOD-IT says:

Drive his SS and compare please

C7 STEEN says:

Yo I just bought a c7 and my clutch feels super vague as well. I drove 11 hour to get it after practicing manual like 5 times… Was a completely different story than my buddies 180k mile civic… And I think because chevys Rev match into neutral is how he's saying it's "faster" because mine won't Rev match until it's being shoved into gear unless I'm just putting it in neutral, but if you Granny shift it will Rev match into neutral and into gear if that makes sense

DA DOC says:

I have to stop watching these videos, every time I watch one I end up on with a Velocity Blue GT PP1, Active Exhaust, 301 A and Magnaride 🙁

Redeye Knight says:

You want to drive a neck snapper drive a 2019 dodge challenger hellcat redeye you will shit your pants! LOL!

k1ng_ dope says:

Great video Rush! Excited to see the reaction to the Camaro! Do you think you could race your challenger for me please! That'd be a fun one! Just make sure you get a good driver for the one you arent driving! And maybe have like 3 pulls in the stang and 3 in the SRT. Anyways, love the video man!

Gary Singh says:

Awesome ride of Mustang GT. Camaro guy loves Mustang

DonnyR/T says:

I love the Camaros but they have some vicious blind spots

Bryan Asker says:

Cool guy, drove the car with respect and very carefully, props to my g.

Cars Production's says:

Is there a video of you racing your challenger vs your mustang that I don't know about?

Aldair says:

Damn the blur face just went bye bye lmao

Paul Pak says:

The fact that he respected your car, took it easy and didn't mash on the pedal right away, awesome.

Jdev 17 says:

What’s the outro song and great video. I drive a v6 camaro I wouldn’t even compete with you two lol

BraveShot Ent. says:

I wish i had bought a gt premium but i bought a base gt

SyphonX says:

Both the new Mustang and Camaros are virtually identical the difference is how they make their power though. I prefer the Camaro since it makes its power down low and is more usable around town the Mustang you really got to rev out to get everything out of it. Both great though.

Adam Lewis says:

Love how the guy respected your car


i haven’t got no notification and i’m watching. early asf

Repallo Wasel says:


RED_10R says:

People always say that the visibility on the camaro is not a big deal. But i literally couldnt see shit lmao. Throw some tints on and drive at night and ur fucked lol

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