Chevrolet Camaro SS 6.2 vs Ford Mustang 5.0 – Acceleration 0-150mph

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Car comparison test of Chevrolet Camaro SS 6.2 vs Ford Mustang 5.0 . We compare Chevrolet Camaro SS 6.2 vs Ford Mustang 5.0 sounds, revs, acceleration 0-170mph , power, sprint and exhaust sound.

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Gordon Clark says:

Bet the neighbours think the are great guys living and driving like that in their street.

Andrew Barfoot says:

What type of mags on that black camaro – they are sick!!!

Cesar Abraham says:

Government Motors is One Ugly ride built on a handout, Own 5.0

sidefx996 says:

Wow your fucking neighbors must love you.

sTaTiiC_Nerd says:

mustangs look goo but do they preform good no

Mustang GT-V8 says:

Американские мускулы!

Tom M says:

I am sure his neighbors Love him running up and down the street..

dirty deedz says:

You guys drive like old people fuck.

Rambo Rambo says:

because you said mustang are the ugliest car but thought maybe you we looking at yourself in the mirror thinking that's the mustang you are taking about

Rambo Rambo says:

Mustang All The Way…Booom Chacka



Veton Jenuzi says:

can just anybody can make my only dream come true and gift me with any of these cars pls , i wish i could.ever effort one

RedZedHead TV says:

I feel like the camaro is turning into a wannabe challenger.

aerobutton says:

Now take off…awe Lol!

matrox says:

Brake stand burnouts are so damn stupid. You can do a brake stand burn in a 6 cyl. Econoline Van. So what does that tell you? Nothing about power.

Rez says:

The new Camaro looks pretty sick

Bruce Austin says:

What an asshole speeding through a neighborhood. Someone should stop him and kick his ass

Alexandre Souza says:

Que bairro lindo.

onde fica ?

Car vs Car says:

Hey guys 😉
Personally i would choose Ford Mustang 😉 What is your opinion?


siempre he tenido la idea de que el Mustang es un muscle car, que son para chicos rudos, sin embargo en Estados Unidos de cada de Mustang que vez en la calle 9 son conducidos por mujeres, tiene mucha potencia en despegue, la versión que tengo es modelo 2002 y no me gusta por que viene gobernando a 180 k/h q a la larga cualquier pinche carro te deja lejos .
por otro lado el Camaro es un auto para mi gusto sin gracia.

Yaniel Fumero says:

ford garbage forever

clark smeal says:

bunch a bullshit ,,,show them head tohead

Eric Uglum says:

Mustangs do sound good when I pass them at Barber..

Angel Gutierrez says:

which car is cheaper to maintain until 100,000 miles?

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