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EPIC TESLA FAILS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gh_pFSgibPo&t=127s

EPIC TRUCK FAILS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yrro9DXLip8&t=25s

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- Mikeg.lifts- says:

These videos really hurt to watch. I own a 2005 gt and watch these videos to learn what not to do. Lol

Not Royal Skyline says:

Does the same thing happen if you have tractor control on?

Ernie Robinson says:

Either these ppl can't handle high powered cars or their tires are utter crap condition to grip the road :S

katze from hell says:

vitun mustang kuskit

bufIIk says:

2:59 Scandinavian flick to substititute brakes…very impressive

SS Jack says:

It's either A: they panic and oversteer, B: they panic and hit the brakes or C: they panic and hit the gas more. Some people simply don't need to have a high performance car.

Shrined says:

I see these 260 HP Gt’s spinning out I’m over here laughing. Too much power for them haha. They’ll die in my Red Eye.

Zac Price says:

I like how everyone knew the dyno was gunna blow up and they just slowly start to back up haha

SirLovesALott says:

Bad drivers, but also shit suspension

Oscar Morales says:

For Only Retarded Drivers

Nima Scolari says:

I've had some hairy moments with mine. Luckily I've managed to avoid disaster. Don't brake hard. Don't steer the way you're heading hard. Opposite lock is important. Ease off gas opposite steer then gas gently until straight. Do not panic and oversteer! 2 sets of TC. Master key TC and manual TC. Place both On!!! After that good luck. Fun car to drive but don't floor it from standstill. Otherwise > &

SoHo Don says:

These fools need awd cars lol

Asdf Ghjk says:

Soon teej’s will be up here

chckycrk says:


David H says:

So basiclly…nothing new here with mustang..

Philips ITA says:


Cholera says:

They always crash to the left

Falthy says:

2:08 his back left tire touched the floor bc the roller was too low

MURR DOG says:

Fraud rust stain.. soy boy toy… Yuck

AuH2O says:

Mustangs – so worthless that they can't even be driven in a straight line.

101 owlman says:

moronic fuck wits

Desert Ranger says:

2:57 did brakes failed?

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