Everything Wrong with $10,000 Wrecked 2017 Mustang GT

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We uncovered some hidden damage on our wrecked 2017 mustang gt. we go over everything wrong that needs fixed
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Ramon Vasquez says:

That 5.0 would work great in my 67 mustang!

Brian Anderson says:

Chain the left side to a big oak tree keep the chain low on the tree and back up 2 times it will pull it back down ,that's not permanent it will stop some of the rubbing.

Hayden Smith says:

Cummins swapped mustang

gwizdolby says:

Go easy with your knees on the concrete big guy. You will need them for some time to come. Even just a bit of cardboard is helpful.

Stuart Moser says:

Much nicer language. Thank You

Steve Larsen says:

Can u put the Cummings in the mustang…pretty please!

Ham Mer says:

Last time I was this early, Beyonce put on her panties and left my apartment….

Aris Torm says:

Put them MUD GRIPPERS TARRRRES on there!!!!!!

mrthesquid says:

Pull it with Bob. It’s already dickered up so you can only make it better, plus it’ll be fun. Just don’t let chain whap you.

Matthew Snyder says:

Dude i love your videos teaches me a lot keep em comming

mobilemodo says:

Tube frame and a turbo, turkey

Noah Taylor says:

Knowledge that you should never buy this car

Say sike right now

Hunter Brandt says:

Looks like orange juice? ….. that's because it's pure stout AMERICAN MUSTANG PISS. wild ponies gotta go too..

Joe King says:

You had me from big Cummins cranking up

Veeti Laitinen says:

you need to put it to frame machine and do proper frame measurement. You can't see with the eye whether the trunk is straight !!!

Luis M Marisy says:

LMAO your the best youtub personality out there man!!! 😉

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