FINALLY Detailing My 1995 Ford Mustang

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In this video, I finally get around to detailing my ’95 Mustang.

Products Used:
Auto Finesse
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Citrus Power:

Enigma Engine Degreaser:

Aqua Deluxe Drying Towel:

DPX Dual Action Polisher:


G3 Pro:

Snow Foam:


Clay Mitt:

Abrasive Compound:

Super Gloss Paste Wax:


Other Items:
Lake Country Compounding Pads:

Black Perl Tire Armour:


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MrSolveMYMaze says:

Gtechniq W2 should get the residue off the rubber.

AktiveGamer says:

The protection wax you applied in circles and missed some areas. I was Meguiars UK channel and he religiously says up and down left and right so you don't miss areas. You did this for washing and drying just not the protection stage. Otherwise great video!

Tim Stinson says:

Enjoyable video Luke! Have you tried WD40 and a stiff brush like an old tooth brush on the rubber?

Tiger moth says:

Great job, Luke…..and use WD40 to remove the glue residue on the rubbers.

Hispanic Guy says:

ChrisFix would like to know your location.

John B says:

The paint looks awesome, Luke. Night and day.

Lit up says:

Goo gone on the rubbers. NOT goof off. Wd40 on a microfiber rag will actually work as well if you'd like to try that first.

Antimation Studios says:

I've found that soaking both the affected area and a chux wipe with windex (Or any equivalent window cleaner) and then Rubbing the chux wipe over the affected area will completely remove even the most stubborn residue from any surface. However, this method is really slow and takes quite a bit of sustained force and re-application of windex. It won't seem to be doing anything for the first 30seconds, but then you'll notice the gaps between the residue get larger and larger until there isn't any left.

The Infidel says:

Quick tip: tear off the tags on any towel you get as they can scratch the paint

wilf81 says:

Nice video. Those licence plates are 100% not road legal though.

steven jones says:

You did a great job on the paint work,you can tell the difference,awesome video.

stacey sims says:

Is this a candy paint?

Carl's garage says:

How are those plates legal here?

Skyline Fan says:

Use a 3m stripe off wheel, they are very good. petrol and anything will eat the rubber so I wouldn't use those

MrGreendragon3 says:

nice reg luke lol . i knew a guy once who had alovely red toyota supra with the reg M15 LUT , which he subsequently made into M1 SLUT ………..

Adey Kitch says:

Great job on the Mustang and I love that colour.

TheAylesburyCyclist says:

Who else is expecting the music to burst into Crockett's Theme…?

Christopher Tapkins says:

Don't know if you guys have citrol over there, but I would try that

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