Ford Mustang GT – A German’s Perspective – Everyday Driver Europe Review

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European Correspondent Tom gets his first chance to drive a 5.0 GT Mustang. After his life-long experience in European cars at Autobahn speeds, he brings a unique perspective to the pony car. Afterward the guys discuss the Mustang’s place in the Germany market.

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Philippe De Baveye says:

Hebben niks begrepen van Mustang. Best selling sports car in the world. Germans should stick to their German cars. En vooral geen commentaar geven.

BlackBlade122 says:

I love this guy lol.  These are the same facial expressions I was making when I first got my 5.0 about 1.5yrs ago.  Pure joy

djsabourin101 says:

Basketball was invented in Canada. Just saying. They can't play it, but they invented it!

Zach Payne says:

A German with a NY accent?

Palmer Producions says:

U sound like ur from new York half the time

TheLofditty says:

Drop a gear and get 5 liters of democracy from ford America!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!

CanadaCraig says:


CanadaCraig says:

Only American police call a car a 'vehicle'.

lightningsmokerXx says:

Americans did not invent basketball.

North Americans did , Canadians.

Eye Washere says:

A European by way of Germany saying American Muscle car is a great car. Go figure. Guess the people who say American cars can't drive supercar style can stop

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