Ford Mustang vs Ford Focus RS – Top Gear: Drag Races

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It’s Ford vs Ford in this week’s Top Gear Drag Race, as we pit the muscular, 345bhp Ford Focus RS against the, um, muscular Ford Mustang. With a V8. Yup, it’s four-cylinders vs eight, turbo vs natural aspiration, 345bhp vs 425bhp. Tom Ford and Ollie Marriage are your hosts. Take it away…

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Defcon One says:

i've drived the mustang and the rs and i prefer the rs because consume less fuel and is way more maneuverable than the death trap mustang

OneFatHairyNipple says:

Shows how shit the Mustang has gotten recently if it only just won against a hot hatch (in my opinion)

Yuanhang Zeng says:

I got 5.0s for my 5.0 mustang. Still, drag race is lame. lel.

Marie Masters says:

mustangs yeah its mustangs

Reginald Andrews says:

what a pair of boring guys.

daniel jordan nicol says:

When I think of Tom Ford I think of a fat curly headed guy

Leo Bareilles says:

This is not the real top gear!

The Sam says:

include russian cubcitres in video

IROKz ケツ says:

top gear is sooooo boring now without Jeremy and the other two XD but seriously bring them back

roserie adjodha says:

top gear will never be the same

pRoDiGyXB12R says:

Mustang any day, just for looks if nothing else.

Jake R says:

I'd rather have the RS with the recaro seats.

Black Ops 3 Zombie says:

This was shit.

Franktank34 says:

The race was too boring, knobs.

x 李 says:

just dont like those guys 。。。。boring

Dheeraj Sunder Rajan says:

This is shit!!! Clarkson must be laughing his ass off watching this!!

Mach 1 says:

haha and the europen mustang is the choked up one imagine what a American spec one would do.

Jesse Mulholland says:

God the new top gear is terrible

yankidiot says:

As far as 95% of Top Gear fans are concerned the show died when Clarkson was sacked. I like Chris Harris and Rory was ok I suppose but the rest of them are shit, Sabine cannot speak English, Matt is an American says it all really… Eddie Jordon is a complete prick who ever thought putting him on the show was a good idea should be sacked…Basically BBC give up your flogging a dead horse… no matter what you do or who you have presenting it it will never ever be anything like it was with JC RH and captain slow… please give up its embarrassing and a waste of our licence fee

yankidiot says:

What is that nob off 5th gear doing on TopGear?

Muhammad Saqib Mudabbar says:

So boring

Nick Rankin says:

5.3 zero to 60…….. the mustang can do way better than that. get a new driver

salfordmike focus rs says:

the silly guy driving the Ford changed gear to fast !

Hanif Afa says:

oh hes coming hes coming hes coming, oh nooo, damn so gay…

steve gorman says:

please send  me  more  of top  gear programmes including drag  races old and new  thank  you

muzzammil mia says:

these guys are so shit

Sam Thomson says:

Fashion element brand gezswfa range obstacle.

bajoquintos cacari says:

no le acelera alfondo el rs seria algo ilogico. q el mustang perdiera seria la ruina

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