FORD's response to the ENGINE RATTLE in my 2019 Mustang GT…

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So after leaving my 2019 Mustang GT at the dealer for over a week they reached out to Ford with regards to my engine rattle that is happening at 2k rpm and ford ended up answering back with the following.


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mays9185 says:

Sale it and move on

ItsGary says:

I would get a second opinion from another dealership.

Mat Taroli says:

That’s crap

MarKicks&Whips says:

Camaro > Mustang

Golden Nacar says:

Curious…seems like these noises are only on the manuals.

Venom_GT S550 says:

Word of advice from personal experience! I warm my car for 10 min after Cold Start every time. I’ve never heard a tick after the car is in normal operating temperatures. Other than a very minor one at Cold Start. I have approximately 5,800 miles now. Also make sure they are putting 10qts of oil in . Maybe 5w30 oil too

Jason Weiss says:

Last thing I would of let them do was wash it. I'm OCD about scratches and black is the worst. Best your paints micro scratched to shit now.

Thomas Rock says:

If they're all like that, I don't want one. Ford is stupid.

That03 Z71 says:

This is why you don’t buy a mustang or a Ford in general lol

Eduardo Jaime says:

Going to fabulous fords car show apr 14? lots of mustangs and its a great opportunity to make some great video content.


You bought a ford can you really be surprised

Chance Robison says:

Yes of course there will be the same noise with other mustangs like that because the problem comes from the motor from factory. Wwttffff

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