Getting prepared for the 2018 Ford Mustang!

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Moving on from my 2015 Ford Mustang to the 2018

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Jake H says:

Just traded my 15 EB for 17 GT/CS in lightning blue. Really enjoying my ride. Can't wait to see your 2018!!

deshun hardy says:

How do you make a 2018 look worse than a 2017 that looked better?

WheresTheAnyKey1 says:

location is on PCH right before theh american apparel store. you're right about to pass a thai place.

steven neufeld says:

I just trading in the eco for a 16gt with the power pack 3. Car is great! I bet the 18 will have the same type of power since it appears they now redline at 7500

billy heaton says:

The 18 Ecoboost come out in November they haven't said when the 18 GT coming oh yea you were in PH HWY California on your vacation

Andrew Springer says:

you'll regret getting the auto. the GT 6 speed tranny is really nice

A. J. says:

Just subscribed, thanks for your videos, im so confused to get the 18 mustang or to wait for the totally new 2020 mustang..

TacoTom says:

Do we have any price info yet?

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