He Took His HEAVILY Modified Mustang GT to CarMax For an Appraisal! (You’ll NEVER Guess!)

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Yeah I know I know… “How Original” but, we were super curious to see what CarMax would offer Chris! 1,000 Likes and i’ll take Blue!
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dylan montgomery says:

Geez take that spoiler off.

Condor1970 says:

Any heavily modified car is not going to get anywhere near the appraisal of a stock vehicle. With any supercharged engine that is used, my only assumption as a potential buyer, is that it's on the verge of death after a 20-something kid listening to rap music drove it.
You'd be lucky of I offered $10-$12K for that mess.

Dwight Stewart says:

I wouldn't give him a plugged nickel for it. He probably abused the heck out of it, meaning it won't last more than a few more years. Buying it now would be like dumping money down the drain.

Daniel Cross says:

So you guys showed up at closing time to get a free appraisal and waste the employees time with 0 interest in purchasing a vehicle, but the employees at carmax were rude???? Really???? I would have been rude too. Also they were more than fair about the value of a highly modified car that you devalued yourself with all of the mods. You should have told them thanks for the high number.

Mr2pint says:

Had your parents gone in I'm guessing you would have got a lot more as two young dudes in a moded car usually means a wrecked motor..

justin f says:

Too modded. Modded cars take a special buyer (hardcore car guys) like yourself. Most people aren’t looking for that kind of mustang

Marco Gallo says:

I have a 1961 Ford Thunderbird Ford guy here I am visually impaired can drive but I love my cars especially Classix

Marco Gallo says:

Love your videos just stumbled across your channel tonight cool

Astro Ceas says:

I remember this car from spring fest Chris I think

Bernardo Mesquita says:

Nice video man, I dont usually comment or like videos and you got both plus a sub! Keep the good work!

Richard Doire says:

Your best to sell it private

Calvin Cooley says:

Lol riced out GT.

Calvin Cooley says:

These videos have jumped the shark.

Cloud Le says:

LOL what do you expect from a Mustang lol. Overprice with no resell value.

Shelby Martin says:

He ruined that mustang..

MFulmer456 says:

That Mustang owner is such a dudebro

Guy Noir says:

They think you're kids and just wasting their time , that's why they were rude . Bring dad along , in a suit , next time and they will be nice to you . Still will lowball you though.

The Millennial Trader says:

This is precisely why you keep all stock parts! You could put it back to stock, sell it for a great price, then sell the modifications on the after market for a decent price and i guarantee you'll get way more money back. There's no way he bought a fully loaded Mustang GT Premium w/ performance pack brand new for $32k. That's what the base model with zero options goes for brand new…. Unless it was damaged

R Sid says:

My guess was $19K.  These guys don't want to touch modded cars because nobody wants to buy them – period.  It doesn't matter what you put into it.  You would have been better off taking it back to stock and selling the parts.  It's a royal pain but that's the only way you're going to get any money for it.

L Rodriguez says:

He fucked that car with all them shitty stuff

Kaiden Seaman says:

That car sucks u can get a Mazda rotary stock and it would faster and less expensive some people just aren't smart.

Wesley Berryhill says:

The owner is one ugly motherfucker he looks like a damn dyke

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