Here’s Why the 2018 Ford Mustang GT is Worth $38,000

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Ford Mustang car review. Here’s why the 2018 Ford Mustang GT is worth $38,000. How gasoline direct injection works, car review and car tour with Scotty Kilmer. The new 2018 Ford Mustang GT has a ton of new features that make it fuel efficient while not sacrificing the driving experience. This car has a 10 speed automatic transmission, 5.0 V8 GDI engine, and tons more. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 50 years.

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Kevin Ngo says:

Scotty demuro

Armathyx says:

THIS is a 2018 Scotty Kilmer video using Doug DeMuro's type of title. Today we're going to see it's quirks and features and we'll finish with a doug score.

mugensamurai says:

With all do respect Scotty. Didn't you used to hate how a Mercades or typical German car was over engineered with too many unnecessary electronics that might break? From a guy like me who's not exactly that familiar with newer cars isn't the new Mustang full of electronics that might break?

mugensamurai says:

What a well engineered car. Impressive job America, this is coming from a dedicated Honda guy.

Tacticaltaco88 88 says:

So bad ass.. Great vid!

yaku achbach says:

Scotty I think ford comp'd you for this review pretty obvious Anhh!

Mario D. Zmaj says:

best car review I have ever seen. I just wish I was yelled at more!

Michael Hawkins says:

38k sure is a lot. . . . .

Aaron Yap says:

38 K? I tot is around 120 K plus

Torque_42 says:

Nice car, not really a fan of the front end but I'll still take one

Aj2no17 says:

what does he mean "different models with different engines" the 5.0s are all flat plane cranks all capable of making the same sound depending on the exhaust

baldo torres says:

You live in texas cause i do

Sameh de says:

criticizing all computer and electronics on Germans car and yet praising a American electronics car! waw you must love your purchased, lets see in 5 years. bye

Dj Rome says:

Not bad man

Dough Boy says:

Get it in a 1/4 mile race against a 510 hp scat it would lose

emigrate says:

Mr Scott the trouble comes when the electronics fail!

Stephen Ferris says:

Is this yours?

vic 1 says:

It may be great in Texas, but I'll reserve judgement since I've lived in Michigan my whole life and the only certainties in a Michigan winter are snow, cold, ice and occasional Mustang enthusiasts fishtailing down the road due to zero winter traction. There's no way that traction control is going to hold the tail in place with all that power and all the weight still on the front tires. But I enjoy being one of your subscribers, Scotty. If you live in a cold weather state like Michigan, best to keep it garaged and out of the snowbanks and salt slush of winter that you would eventually end up in.

simonriddick says:

Here in 3rd world Canada they are in the $50's.

Cedric Bois Le Duc says:

Wait wtf this is 38k?

John Wayne says:

Awesome video. Almost had me convinced into buying one, then I slapped myself. I was done with American cars 20+ years ago. Will never go back.

Mr X GameR says:

I think it should've been more expensive and it will still be worth the money

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