[HOONIGAN] DT 073: 750HP Roush RS3 2017 Mustang vs 550HP ’06 Mustang w/ Justin Pawlak

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https://www.hoonigan.com/ On today’s episode of Daily Transmission, Justin Pawlak brings two Ford Mustangs and runs some crazy burnout lines in the yard.

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Ricky Chan says:

sick, so much more appreciation for jtp as an fd driver now

kurt penrose starr says:

Bring his track car

Xavier Mccree says:

It nice man want one my self

Thomas Lange says:

Best one yet

Grant Pantling says:

JTP is the man!

Tom Parry says:

They both definitely sound better then a Hellcat!!! Coyote FTW!!!

Donavan Casey says:

All that fancy shit on 2017 mustang just so when you hit a crowd you do it in Style.


all the chevy guys are like bullshit

Smokin Motorsport says:

Waiting for the day that Don bites someones nuts off!

Chemdog says:

Wrap it up.

isca21 says:

all the thumb down haters take it deeppppp

Zombie 8890 says:

What white 06 is clean af.

dave griego says:

This was cool, but Ryan Kibbe's truck slide down the ramp into donuts is still the "BEST VIDEO" this year!

David Lackner says:

10:20 hert trying to destroy stuff…

Josh Veros says:

thumbnail starts @ 16:00

Riyaz Hosein says:

Loving those cars cuz

lancer787 says:

To who ever edited this thanks it was epic

Welshy says:

Should be the RS1 (Stage One Package) RS2 (Stage Two Package) and then the RS3 (Stage 3 Package)

Justin Stevens says:


Hery Perez says:

Hell yeah awesome video!!

Rafael Borges says:

revs instantly more people walk outside lol

Rich Guglielmo says:

hert you probably gonna hate me for saying this, but Camaro has factory adjustable exhaust as well..

Shawn Molina says:

Ha Ha – Kikawa got caught smiling at 26:49! 🙂

Yanson Bonilla says:

Formula Drift Street Legal series… make this happen please!!'

Gonzalo says:

3:17 thats some editing software shenanigans right there

Stephen Henley says:

Anyone able to tell me the song from 0:170:21

KentGoSuzuki says:

Yo does zack from gnarpm just work there now?

Gitsum says:

Tire slayin' horror movie. Just when you thought it was dead, it keeps coming back for more!

12Rober12 says:

What happen offside?

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