[HOONIGAN] DT 160: Matt Farah’s 1988 Fox Body Mustang

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https://www.hoonigan.com/ On today’s episode of Daily Transmission, Matt Farah stops by with his high school dream car. A fox body Mustang built for the canyons.

See more of Matt’s mustang here:

Instrumental by Homage
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417 Sportspeed says:

Add John kasse heads and pistons p-38's let er rip tator chip easy 500hp

JmasterJr says:

I would so buy that notchback!

Trials and Tribulations says:

My cousin has a 1993 gt last year for the fox body he specially ordered same engine from yeah Ford racing from Ford. He got stupid good deal on it since his folks worked for Ford.
They just called a High Output 5.0L 302 .
FYI, back then the interceptors used the engines from the Mark VIII.

Cholula Hot Sauce says:

Matt faggot is a bitch

christian belvin says:

Watching this makes me wanna get the mustang out of the garage and build it

fat420cracker says:

I hate Fords….especially Mustangs! But if I was going to build a drag car it would be a fox body =D

OG TraPPanyeVEVO says:

That fabric is horrid

Nodearb Skärsgard says:

412 psi…that’s gotta be over 9000 hp

Zomgdevil says:

dang sorta disappointing when its a clean ass car and then the hood gets popped and its dirty as fuck with mismatched paint. build it all the way

Arnold Kevorkov says:

I love this car. I can't wait to have the time to get one and get to work on it. Matt this thing is fucking crazy bro. Sickkkkkk

Slebonson says:

and CUT…….

jon doe says:

When I seen this video I clicked not interested and dislike after I paused it. Can’t stand Matt farah!

Malcom Johnson says:

Easy 30k + and im not mad or confused

Jonathan Green says:

What is that fabric called, and where can I find it???

silosis says:

kinda digging the hippy fishscale pattern on the panels

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