I TRIED buying a 2019 Mustang GT and the dealership did a BAIT AND SWITCH..

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I apologize for the lack of uploads it’s been a frustrating week dealing with dealerships and sneaky car sales tactics. Ill be back to a regular upload schedule soon! Big plans for the channel just needed time to figure it all out!

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Sentient says:

I used to work at a dealership and I promise you this is not how it's supposed to go lol.. Some dealerships really be on some bullshit.

Edward Agora Feenman says:

Dude in defense of the dealership, when you take your daddy to do a deal then you might not be surprised to be treated like a little girl.
As far as the interest rate, that's dependant on your credit, not the advertised offer.
You are right about the price increase, and the bullshit protection plans, and you are right to have walked out on those, but as far as making a mountain out of the mole hill of interest rate, that's just foolish. And come in man, next time put on your big boy pants and go make a deal without daddy.

Robert M says:

Anybody else notice that the email was not an offer it stated the Auto Trader Price AS LOW AS 37,304.00….also stated I WILL TRY TO GET YOU THE 0% Financing. None of this was promised via the email. I cannot comment on phone conversation but from email looks like Rush played himself unfortunately. I would blame someone else also cant be Rush fault he didn't read email properly. Happens to the best of us lol

smashervt says:

Thank god this is illegal in Canada (Ontario). Went in to buy a challenger, i liked it and bought it. Done.

KandBDoormasters says:

My last 5 trucks I purchased/leased, I had the deal done before showing up to the dealer! If they can’t work numbers over email, then find another dealer! If you tell them right from the first communication that you will only come to the dealer once you reach a payment that you want. These dealers hate doing it this way cause they are trained to pressure you in person… it’s a big game!

Andrew tran says:

You should have just left

justin f says:

Dude, don’t buy the car. Fuck em

penguinknees69 says:

As a salesman at a ford dealership this is not true. We don’t even offer it. And ford doesn’t offer 0% on mustangs

Kareem Kirton says:

I sell B.S all over this

mankola says:

Why did you go to a dealer with such horrible reviews and an F rating at BBB?

Geronimo the Grey Coyote says:

The music in the background . all the time. IT SUCKS.

dc5mk3 says:

Prob the best thing that happened to you. You don’t want a 6spd mustang. Those new trans are shit. 10spd or look for another car.

drepop803 says:

Happened to me last year. They had a 2018 WRX STI for 33k$ with 4000 miles. Went in and somehow they made it a 52k car. Then dropped it to a "reasonable" 40k. They wouldn't let me test drive it either.

5pointgo says:

Honestly I wouldnt go for an 18-19…as nice as they are, they are hurting in the issue department.

Lando Calrissian says:

Go to Lebanon ford in Ohio 39995 out the door for 700 hp and a warranty.

I’m desperate for a car says:

Unlucky dude

DuckyTruck G says:

Lol car dealership are trying to do that crap all the time.

Mr. Pody says:

I use to work at a dealership and I can tell you that Finance managers dont like you purchasing at 0%…they make less if you do

Benjamin Henderson says:

Ask to see the invoice. Offer invoice price, minus any rebates, then 3/4s to 1/2 into the hold back. Thats the price you want.

111justinjames says:

I would’ve left

Jon Peterson says:


Ricky Chang says:

Always get pre approved with a small credit union first. Then Ford finance will either match or give better Interest rate because they would rather have you finance with them. Also, tell them to take off the option you dont want. That you want the car. And you dont want the option. And if they won't do it then you'll go to a dealership that will. (Research). The dealership is retarded. Because you know they pay invoice or less on it and they make most of the money on options. Not to mention holdbacks from manufacturer. Maybe even a push incentive that you wouldn't know about. Dont give them your business. Go elsewhere.

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