JL Audio 10W7 Mustang Trunk Build

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Finished up this Mustang/JL Audio project. Added a 10W7 in the trunk along with 2 JL amps with some custom built pieces.
Check out the door pod video; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-ZXbqBTms8


tdsa23 says:

When you seal with the sub and port facing the back you have to lose output in the car right?

HighBass601 says:

That's so clean..looks like a custom factor setup..

vic var says:

You always deliver beautiful work jt. Thank you for taking the time do the work and film at the same time. Plus edit the film. And all so we can enjoy. Thank you. I freakin love when you and your twin show up at the same time

Jared Quick says:

very very nice jt I think the thing I like the most about your work is that it's easy to take apart and service if needed

flmmaz says:

Incredible workmanship!!

Dee Cei says:

as always beautiful work.

Brett Mulvaney says:

Hell yeah man. Keep'em comin!!

Thump Y says:

Once again a clean install in a tight space. I was wondering how well does the lows from the port make it inside being pretty much sealed off at the back seat. With all due respect Master Installer and I call you that because thats how much respect I have for your work. Would it have been better to have the port directed up at the rear window ? I know a little cutting would have been involved but I see they were willing to cut on there doors so thats why I asked. Regardless I know it sound 10X better than factory.

Nobody asked you! GFY! says:

Very nice work as usual! Is the bass able to make it inside the cab with it sealed off the way it is?

jmar662 jmar662 says:

Check out the stand for the box fan lol. That's real woodworking lol. Keep em coming bro

Jo Blow says:

Awesome work as usual…But damn I wish your videos were longer.

sancho lopez says:

Clean as fuck!!! Your level of creativity is astonishing

FlyTecAudio says:

Clean work as always, love the fan stand lol

m.r. squeegey says:

once again great work friend.

666hobart says:

Indeed he IS the Master for certain.

Donald Byrd says:

Great looking build, I like this so much I am about to send you an email.

Trapperjohn1000 says:

Awesome set of skills my man.

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